Automatic insider lists

Save time and ensure compliance
With InsiderLog you create and maintain an updated digital insider list online, saving considerable time and ensuring compliance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). More than 500 listed companies, banks and law firms already use InsiderLog.

Some of our +500 clients

InsiderLog allows you to automate management of insider lists

It saves time and ensures compliance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation.

Automatic notification by email

You just enter the email address, whereby an automatic notification is sent that informs each insider of its obligations under MAR and requests a confirmation.

Insiders enter all info themselves

Tired of all emails with information that you have to enter manually into the insider list? Let the insiders fill out the details themselves – in a form with required input fields so nothing is missed.

Automatic reminders

MAR states that the company must “take all reasonable steps” to ensure that insiders confirm their obligations. InsiderLog sends automatic email alerts every 24 hours, until all insiders have confirmed and filled out the complete data.

Ensure that you are compliant

MAR sets high requirements for how you manage and update your insider list. The requirements are both time-consuming and some are technically difficult to comply with by manual administrations. For example, can you track changes made in your insider list? Probably not, at least not if you are using an ordinary Excel spreadsheet. Learn more about what it takes to be compliant.

So safe that even we can’t access your data

As no data is stored by us, you maintain full control of your insider lists. InsiderLog is decentralised and each customer, with a click of a button, sets up its “own cloud” with world-leading Amazon Web Services, certified in accordance with ISO 27001. All communication goes through your own email server and we will never have access to your data – neither the insider lists you create, the insiders you have registered nor the actual insider information itself.

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