Instructions: PDMR Import

You can import existing information about PDMRs to InsiderLog so that you do not have to enter the information about the PDMR and its relations manually.

Click here to download a template for how your data needs to be structured for the import to work. The first lines includes examples of how the information about each PDMR should be formatted.

Explanations for import fields:

Type: Describes what the line is importing (PDMR, PDMR’s family/company information or a PDMR Extended)

Pdmr email: Email of the PDMR to be imported, or email to who the PDMR family/company belongs.

Company or first name: First name of the PDMR to be imported, the PDMR’s family member, or name of the PDMR’s associated company.

Last name: Last name of PDMR or PDMR’s associated person.

Company or family relationship: PDMR’s relationship to family or company.

Please contact if you encounter any issues.