On July 3, 2017 it’s just a year since the new Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) entered into force with new rules on, among other things, handling of inside information for listed and stock-exchange companies throughout the EU.

My name is John Engholm, I am Chief Legal Officer of Serendipity Group and within our own group we have five companies if affected by MAR. Even after a few months, we realized that the new rules led to an extensive administrative burden of work and that the risk of mistakes in manual handling was far too big.

How do I handle all insider information?

InsiderLog is a digital tool for managing inside information and logbooks. Initially, it was in order to meet our own need for such a solution, but in November 2016, we launched InsiderLog externally to other companies outside the group and have recently arrived in more than 150 listed companies as customers. There are companies in all sizes and industries that use InsiderLog to streamline and automate their handling of inside information, saving both time and ensuring compliance.

Watch the video below se how InsiderLog works or read more here.


MAR Insider, then what?

There are many things that have been unclear with MAR and it has been difficult to get clear answers from Finansinspektionen, Nasdaq and others. On this blog, we will try to gather relevant information for you who work with questions about inside information, MAR and compliance. It can range from decisions on sanctions to debate articles and clarifications to interesting issues that you encountered.

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